Inefficient accounts payable

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Experience the new streamlined and efficient accounts payable approval software. Freeing up time by automating invoice processing enabling you to make better decisions, by doing less.

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Manually processing invoice approvals is enormously

And that's exactly why we created ProcureHQ - accounts payable approval software!

Instead of spending countless hours on the phone or sending endless emails, your finance professionals can focus on more meaningful tasks. Implement better reporting mechanisms and make more informed strategic decisions, which can, in turn, result in higher profit margins.

By automating your invoice approval workflow with accounts payable automation software,
you can eliminate late payments and be proactive about taking advantage of early payment discounts.
Lost Or Missing Invoices
Manual Data Entry
Manual Invoice Routing
Manual Email Processing
"We now spend less than 2 days a month in processing invoices, which we used to complete over 4 or 5 continuous days a month, sometimes even more. - Thanks to ProcureHQ AP automation process"

— Jon Scott, Director,

You're trying a lot of things,
but aren't getting the results you want

Poor Data Entry

Data entry errors are among the biggest problems plaguing accounts payable processes that haven’t yet been automated.

Disappearing Invoices

If you can’t keep track of your information you’ll just keep falling farther and farther behind on getting invoices processed.

Inconsistent Processing

In the absence of a single system governing accounts payable, streamlining invoice processing is a real challenge.

Slow Processing

Manual invoice processing takes a huge amount of time. In contrast, automation makes average invoices processed per AP employee increase by roughly 5 times.

Lost Money

Inefficient invoice processing puts you at risk for losing money. For one thing, the longer it takes to process an invoice the higher your cost-per-invoice is going to be.

Inefficient Storage

it’s just too much to keep up with manual filing and paper storage takes up huge amounts of space you could put to better use.

What if you could match over 90% of invoices automatically in a fully touch-less process?
Using the best accounts payable automation software for small businesses focused on growth

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Invoices processed using
ProcureHQ AI invoice platform.
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