The automated  solution for
tracking and managing project costs.

Managing projects and making profit shouldn't be a gamble. From the quoting stage through to invoice payment you should know your profit margins.

Increasing your profitability is at the heart of everything we do.

Manage your business,
one project at a time

Ensuring projects are managed financially is crucial to your business success and growth. Create project budgets and milestones for project.

Set budgets for each project, then sit back and monitor spending.

Every quote, invoice and credit you receive will automatically attached to projects, allowing you to track and manage projects from start to finish.

No more manual entry of costs into spreadsheets or accounting systems.

Simplified Cost Approval from start to finish

Get the invoices to the right person for approval without any manual processing or entry. No more managing an email account for financial documents.

Turn Quotes To Purchase Orders

Convert inbound supplier quotes into purchase orders to send directly to your suppliers.

Automatic Invoice to PO Matching

When you receive the invoice, It will automatically be matched to the PO.

Control Approval Rules

Configure the rules and criteria for the process you want for reviewing and approving invoices.

Director / Project Manager Approval

You can configure who is responsible for invoice approval for each project.

Invoice Approval

ProcureHQ is the automated  project cost management software

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Do you own & operate a business in residential or commercial construction?

View Project Margins

Understand individual project profitability and margins with ease, putting you back in control. Breakdown every projects and its stages.

Control Supplier Costs

Automatically monitor individual product prices and detect increases and decreases when you receive quotes and invoices.
Do you run residential & commercial projects for a construction company?

Controlled Project Approvals

Simply manage invoice approvals via the correct projects. Only see the invoices for the right person.

Document Comments

Add comments and flag documents internally to handle invoice approval and manage the process better.
Do you process or manage purchase orders or invoices?

No More Manual Entry

With invoices being entered automatically into Xero, QuickBooks and Sage - there is no need to have a book-keeper to manage this process.

Full Data Export

Invoices show up in Xero and Quickbooks with the original PDF document and all the line items included.
Simplify Project Processes
Create request for quotes easily, and manage quotes received, purchase orders, Invoices and credits for every project in one platform.
Control Project Expenses
With one click integration with Xero and Quickbooks, you get to control who manages projects, invoice approvals and profit on each project.
Real Time Project Reporting
Review and analyse data on project spending, profits and losses, enabling make better decisions and stay in control.

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