Getting Started with Accounts Payable  Invoice Workflow Automation

And it'll start working the same day you implement it?

It starts by automating your email processing

Step 1) Email Integration

Integrate your existing email account where you currently receive emailed invoices. A dedicated email account works best - but this can be a shared accounts email too.

Emails will now be processed real time and the PDF invoice attachments will be processed for loading into ProcureHQ.

Then connecting up to your accounting software

Step 2) Supplier Configuration

No more entry, chasing, finding, searching or deleting through emails.

Remove up to 90% of mundane accounts payable work by managing supplier invoices in one location, much easier to make purchasing decisions and approvals.

And one last step by connecting up to your accounting software

Connect and configure your accounting software from our Integrations store.

Now simply configure the suppliers you want to automate

Want to control the invoices you need to pay? No problem! 

Use the simple one click approval to manage invoices ready for payment. Flag invoices which have queries and manage the entire process from one platform.

Customers are thrilled with the results we achieved.

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