Invoice Automation

ProcureHQ provides invoice data capture, processing and invoice automation services which can help streamline your processes, saving time and money.

What is Automated Invoicing?

Automated invoice processing helps to save a serious amount of time and money, compared with email invoice processing, creating efficiencies and increasing the accuracy of captured data.

Manual Process

Approving invoices grows with complexity and volume if left unchecked, which is why you need Invoice Automation.

  • Additional staff for accounts payable
  • Limited Invoice approvals
  • Inefficient approval processes
  • Uninformed decision making when approving invoices
  • Profit reduces as costs spiral out of control

Automated Process

Automate the collection of invoices to a central platform.

  • View any invoices for approval and approve with one click.
  • Automatically import into accounting software
  • Store pricing information for any product purchased.
  • All items purchased are price monitored for pricing increases.

How ProcureHQ Works

Connecting with ProcureHQ with your email account is all it takes to get stated with automated invoice processing.

Email Integration

ProcureHQ connects with your invoice email account and automatically understands each invoice you receive ready for the platform.

Accounting Integration

Once approved, each and every invoice is automatically fed to your accounting system for invoice payment. No need to manually re-enter invoice information.

ProcureHQ Platform

In the central invoice platform, configure supplier rules for each supplier to reduce the amount of manual work required even more.

Who is ProcureHQ for?

ProcureHQ significantly enhances productivity, delivers key real-time information and improves supplier and financial management through its advanced features.

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