About ProcureHQ

ProcureHQ is an Bournmouth-based startup with global ambitions, and we are developing a machine learning technology platform for reading and interpreting unstructured documents. Our customers are financial teams working in SME businesses, and we help them automate manual business processes with our cloud based and machine learning platforms. 


Our Mission

Our communication is open, candid, and constructive to foster a culture of trust and integrity.


Our Values

We strive to be generous and thoughtful in every interaction with each other and our customers.


Our Methodology

We aim for excellence in everything we do and always go the extra mile for our beloved customers.

Our History

ProcureHQ was founded in 2018 by a salesmen turned software developer who was fed up with the lack of software options for the construction industry.

Matthew Hutchings (the founder) was an account manager for electrical contractors and construction companies. He would submit quotes for materials to customers and follow up with them to find out if he had won the order. During this process it was clear there were no existing tools to help construction company’s deal with incoming supplier quotes or invoices in a way that they actually needed to be used.

We set out to create an online portal to for supplier documents to filter into, giving a central platform for businesses to manage quotes and invoices. We know there is value within the data of supplier documents, but the first stage is to provide a simple way for business to manage documents.